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Website Development

1I can develop a website to meet your needs be it personal or commercial website I can take care of you. Send me an email and we can discuss your needs.

IT Consultation & Support

2Do you have a need for a secure data backup solution? Do you have a small office or home network that you need setup and configured? Look no further, I will be there to help.


3This isn’t the magical art of securing your ownership of intellectual property. It is the art of writing and creating new intellectual property! Need content on your new Digitally Smarter┬ásite, or text for your next marketing campaign? Yep, I do that too.

Print and Design Work

4I also like working in physical tradition print work. Although it might start out as zeros and ones, it will end up being little droplets of ink on paper or canvas!

Recent Work

This app takes in your current blood glucose level, what level you’re correcting to, how many carbs you’re consuming, your insulin to carb ratio and your correction factor/ratio. It then outputs the number of units (rounded to 2 decimal points) to take. The measurement for blood glucose is the SI mmol/L, although mg/dl will be […]

To make more of the administrative work automated for the Ontario Woundcare Interest Group (OntWIG), Digitally Smarter added an online sign-up and PayPal payment gateway for both OntWIG membership & dues as well as Symposium/Event tickets! Ticket sales have multi-tier options, one for members and one for non-members. In addition, early bird prices that automatically […]

This website was created shortly after Gordon was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It grew out of a desire to learn more about the disease and educate others about what it is. The site is designed in WordPress and features a responsive blog-style design featuring articles written by Gordon. The logo was made in Adobe […]

  This website was designed for the Ontario Woundcare Interest Group (OntWIG), an interest group affiliated with the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO). The site was created to serve members and prospective members with information about their annual symposium and allow for them to sign-up and pay online. This site is driven by WordPress […]

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